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I'm an independent software engineer living near Bangalore, India. My interests range from reading to web development to cyber security. I am passionate about technology, alternate space for education, community and entrepreneurship.

Available for freelance projects (Web & Hybrid Mobile App Development | Penetration Testing Projects).

Let's WORK together indeed!

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Work experience
2018 -Present

HackerFarm🏕️ /Founder

Running HackerFarm, Also working remotely on Freelance Projects, Online WebDev Bootcamp Training for Beginners


Jaaga /Head of Training

Created and ran Jaaga Study coding bootcamp programs with farm-residency & city non-residency model.


FinTech StartUp /JavaScript Developer

Worked primarily on JavaScript, built Web Applications & Hybrid Mobile Application, used Vanilla, Angular, Node, MongoDb & Google APIs.


Freelance /PenTester & CyberSec Analyst

Freelanced as a penetration tester for companies such as Yatra, MeruCabs, ShareKhan etc. while I was in college.


Ideal IT Solutions Pvt Ltd /Working Director

Ran a BPO for a year which handled services for International Telecom clients from Canada, England and Australia.



Completed my engineering graduation from Nagpur University. College Education, from my personal view, is a complete waste of time and money. If you're interested in building softwares, skip all these bullshits of college, training institutes, Go..find a mentor and get started. Use online resources to connect with communities which can help.



Started schooling in 2004 (6th standard), built first school website in 2007 and hosted it. At this point of my life, I practically dived into Web Designing, Multimedia, Graphics, Networking, Hacking, Cyber Security and became a noob programmer.

My Offerings What I can help you with

Web Development

If you're a beginner in the world of programming and have passion to learn quick web design & development, do get in touch with me Mail | Give a call

Cyber Security/Ethical Hacking

I am passionate about Cyber Security and have strong foundational knowledge in this field. I can coach and mentor people who want to get started in the field of Pentesting/Ethical Hacking/Cyber Security.

Tech Career Consultant

Technology is the god of digital era. Having any of tech skill is like a superpower in itself. If you don't know where to begin, ask me.

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